giugno 5, 2017


On this picture you see partying people at Small's Barcelona
On this picture you see partying people at Small's Barcelona

Small's Has Got It All

Small But Cozy

Small’s Barcelona is a combination of a restaurant, cocktail bar, as well as a nightclub venue. It is located in what is considered one of the prettiest areas in Barcelona, La Ciudad Condal. It is an upscale nightclub described in three words as: glamorous, luxurious and stylish. The restaurant menu offers delicious dishes consisting of Peruvian, Japanese and Brazilian food.

At the bar, you can find a diverse list of drinks and bites. The cocktail list includes a popular gin & tonic that can be paired caviar. You can access the bar directly from the dancefloor which means you will never have an empty glass. Are you partying VIP tonight? Then you and your group are taken through an exclusive entrance and treated like royalty here. It is called ‘The Secret Door’.

The location itself attracts many of the clubs visitors who enjoy living life large, and with a new themed party, each day people can enjoy exactly that. Because Small’s Barcelona is open daily it has become a well-known phenomenon in the nightlife scene. Whether you have booked a long or short vacation, Small’s is a hotspot that you cannot miss out on.

This place is perfect for a simple drink with a friend or enjoys at it’s best when the sun goes down. Small’s Barcelona does hold the dress code to a higher standard so make sure to wear your best clothing (please do not wear active wear, sports wear, sneakers, or sports shirts to the club). For additional information please click here.