February 28, 2017

Dress code Barcelona Nightlife Ticket

The Barcelona Nightlife Ticket allows you to enter several clubs but all have agreed to general rules, including general dress codes.

Dress fresh, don’t look like a mess!

Barcelona Nightlife Dresscode for men


Bouncers pay special attention to what men are wearing, so take caution and use our tips to help you get into the club with no problems! 
For boys, shirt and nice shoes are recommended.


For the Smart Casual dresscode, men can wear a pair of jeans or trousers in combination with a jacket or blazer. These are the minimum requirements.
If the weather Gods are happy and the weather turns out to be nice and sunny, just replace the jacket or blazer by a nice shirt.
Off course you can choose to wear a V-neck sweater over your shirt when the weather is colder.


Compared to the Smart Casual dresscode, Casual Chic allows you to loosen up just a slight bit more.
Want to dress comfortable and informal? Go Casual Chic! Neat jeans or trousers (cotton or linen) are allowed.
Combine the pants with a matching shirt and you’re done. For this dresscode, try to finish the outfit with a sophisticated detail, like classy shoes, a neat belt or a nice watch.
Last but not least; don’t forget to shave!


Barcelona Nightlife Dress code for woman
Barcelona Nightlife has three dress codes for women as well: Casual Chic, Smart and Elegant and Cocktail Attire.
In general, women can wear a neat sweater or blouse on a neat skirt or trousers. Keep it classy but comfy! For a casual outfit, also try to think about the colours you’ll wear. Casual goes well with the colours red, white, dark blue, pastel and brown.


Over the recent years, the Casual Chic dresscode for women has become very popular.
Casual Chic dances on the edge of the casual- and smart casual dresscode. For women, this gives them more possibilities and freedom.
Just like the Casual Chic dresscode for men, woman can add a delicate detail or accessory to their outfit.


On the other hand, the Cocktail Attire dress code is a more formal dresscode. It is also one of the most common dresscodes and it can be worn every time of the year. Cocktail Attire represents class, style, charm and elegance. For ladies, a cocktaildress is an absolute must and when it comes to the color, black is the most popular. Cocktail Attire represents style and class, so ladies can wear jewelry, high heels and a matching purse or bag.


A great mix of elegance and sexy is always a good goal. They won’t let you in if you have a sporty outfit on; heels and dresses are recommended.

Don’t forget that there are NoNo’s too!
No bags
No flip-flops
No beach-outfits
No caps
No sport trousers